• About Us
    What do we do and where do we operate?
  • What We Do

    You will get a practical, humorous and truthful insight into living with hearing loss. We want to share some of the issues faced by many deaf people on a daily basis, just to give you pause for thought.

    We were formed with a simple aim - to ask companies, organisations and staff to think outside of the box when encountering people with hearing loss and deafness. We want you to understand the unique situation that each deaf individual lives with and to consider this in everyday working life. With our help your staff will feel more comfortable and confident to interact with deaf people, helping your company or charity to be compliant with the Equality Act.

    We are not going to bore your employees, but excite, enthuse and enable them. The deaf awareness training sessions are interactive, occasionally hard-hitting, thought provoking and stimulating.

    Where We Operate

    We provide training sessions at your place of work, wherever you may be. We are based in London. However, we do travel further afield so don't be afraid to ask.

    How Do You Access Our Training?

    We offer custom developed, realistic, simple to understand and easy to apply training packages. We will liaise with you, identify your requirements, formalise this into a proposal and once you are happy, deliver the training. We have done our best to make the process simple and easy, which benefits us both.