• Want to Learn about Sign Language?
    Fingerspelling, regional signs, how to say hello/goodbye...
  • How Does Lipreading Work?
    Can you see what i'm saying? visible/invisible lip patterns. what not to do!

Deaf Awareness Training Services

WE come to YOU to deliver first-class training at your place of work. You can choose a half day or full days training, to be held at your convenience. Number of attendees is negotiable but we have found that small groups are better (8-12 people). However, larger groups can also be accommodated.

Training for Front-Line Staff

This training course is the real "need to know stuff" aimed at frontline staff and all those with public contact. It covers aspects such as:

  1. > How do I communicate with someone who is hearing impaired?
  2. > What can I do if a customer cannot hear me?
  3. > Do all deaf people speak sign language??
  4. > How do I get the attention of a deaf person?
  5. > What is the difference between big "D" Deaf and little "d" deaf?
This type of training package could be applied in a hospital, hotel, retail or sales/shop environment. The training is delivered in an informal, humorous and rewarding fashion and can help increase staff confidence in their understanding of disabilities generally. By the end of the deaf awareness training, your staff will be motivated, capable and fully confident when providing a service to people with any sort of hearing loss.

How Do You Access Our Training?

Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation

We have a chat about your expectations and requirements.

Custom Training Design
Custom Training Design

We ensure that all your training needs are being met.

Training Delivery
Training Delivery

We come to you and deliver the training.

We offer custom developed, realistic, simple to understand and easy to apply deaf and hearing loss awareness training packages. We will liaise with you, identify your requirements, formalise them and once you are happy, deliver the training.